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Unfortunately, dental emergencies can happen at the most unfortunate times and when you least expect them. If you are on holidays in Orlando, Kissimmee or Central Florida and experience a dental condition which causes pain and discomfort, you can rely on the 24-hour dentist to provide you expert emergency dentist that offers dental services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

From the routine to the extreme, Dr. Sidawi will provide you expert care that relieves your pain and suffering at a reasonable rate.

Easy to find because we are located in the heart of the Orlando tourist corridor on International Drive, next to Sea World and Universal Studios, you are just minutes away from relieving your pain and enjoying the rest of your stay in magical Orlando, Florida.

Your Dentist Away from Home!
10 minutes from Disney, Seaworld, Universal and 5 minutes from Wet N Wild

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From our mailbox: “Good morning Dr. Sidawi, Thanks so much for your seeing me so quickly and reinstalling the crown that has fallen out. You certainly did a great job of putting my crown back on and I have had no issues since returning home to Wisconsin. Having a service available like you offer is a wonderful thing for tourists… good luck on your future efforts to serve the travelers to Orlando.”
John B, Appleton WI

Dr. Sidawi has been treating dental patients for over 30 years, and will schedule appointments dental patients week nights and weekends – whenever the need arises. Same day appointments are always available.

When possible, 24 hour Dentist will visit your hotel or pick you up for treatment. 24 Hours Dentist is located close to Universal, Sea World & Disney, and offers a complete line of services, from root canals, extractions to one-hour whitening. Dr. Sidawi has been taking care of the British and tourist community for over 14 years. Call now to (407) 903-0320 to schedule your dental appointment!

• Root Canals
• Orthodontic Repairs
• Denture Repairs

• Chipped and Broken Teeth
• Abscess and Infection
• Lost Fillings

• Extractions
• Cavities
• Endodontics

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Affordable Extractions and Affordable Root Canals. We will match any competitor for root canal!

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